Friday, August 31, 2012

This is me being Not Discouraged

Sigh.  Onward down the list.

I remember looking through photography magazines in the bathroom at Looking Glass Photo, and studying the gallery exhibition notices and book publishings, and some times it seemed as if all the photos looked like mine, and I thought I must be boring and derivative and I despaired of ever breaking through.  Other times it seemed as if everything was shiny and sharp and foreign to me.  On those times, I despaired of ever breaking through.

Doom Girl: Not A New Thing.

I must remember that I love this little story, and eventually someone else (the kind of someone who edits journals) will love it, too.

EDIT (actually the second such addition, but I figured the first could follow the Five-Second-Rule, which isn't quite five seconds but basically says that if we can pretend it didn't happen it will be okay):

I might continue the "add to earlier posts rather than make a new one each time" trend.  I feel a little more serious that way.  Someone with long thoughts instead of short ones, although all I'm doing is grouping together short thoughts in the form of long thoughts, but back to the five-second rule, I'm willing to pretend if you are.

I am back to my list of prestigious journals because I am snobby, and also lazy.  I think these guys are worth waiting two weeks for.  Mostly because of this essay.  I have been skimming the essay archives of a few journals on the list, looking for something that might somehow resemble mine.  And this doesn't.  But it's strange and funny and not like the others, and makes me think that another essay that is Not Like The Others might also be loved here.

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