Friday, August 31, 2012

I want to understand these things.

(I was going to make this be one of those rare non-relationship-related posts, but then I wanted to say that it was, which makes it not one anymore.  I didn't even try, really, but I thought about trying.)

The rational conclusions I am failing to make tonight is now my most viewed post of all time, which is especially surprising statistically since it's less than six months old, and my previous record holder is from 2009.  Blogger gives me access to some information, such as search keywords used to find my blog, but I never see any searches that would link to that particular post.  Searches for "if some men are doctors" would obviously link to the post about "some men are doctors."  But there is nothing for Rational Conclusions.  So I am assuming that, somewhere, someone has linked to me, and that someone is popular enough that the people who bother to click through are enough to significantly alter my blog statistics.  But it bothers me that I don't know.  Why that one?  It doesn't seem to be a stand out post in any way.  I mean, I like it, I guess.  But I wish I understood.

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