Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When I made my travel and work plans, I thought, I can sleep on planes!  I can sleep anywhere!  What I forgot was that even if I sleep "all night" on the plane, when I'm only flying from San Diego to Detroit, "all night" is a 4 1/2 hour flight.  Even with about an hour or so on the next flight, and an hour or so nap, it doesn't actually add up to much that I can use.  With the nap and the coffee and the excitement of being able to ORGANIZE ALL THE DATA, I powered through the rest of yesterday but now... well, I'd much rather quote someone else than come up with new content.  So here you go:

I still read this blog, sometimes. Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought him back, right?  Anyway, you should follow the link and read the whole post but I've quoted some of it here because I really think that the more places this is said, the better.

Fat hatred is socially acceptable. Fat people can be discriminated against and have little to no protection under the law. Fat people can be fired or not hired for being fat. It is ok to make fun of fat people. Fat people can be judged in public without the person passing judgment feeling badly about it. Fat people can eat healthy in public and receive judgement. Fat people can eat junk food in public and receive judgement. If a fat person is handicapped, Americans assume it is because they are fat. If a fat person has any health problems, doctors assume it is because they are fat. Clothing companies do not make clothes for fat people. Seats in public places are not designed for fat people. Fat people can't ride roller coasters. Fat people are supposed to believe that they are stupid and lazy. Fat people are supposed to believe they need to diet. Fat people are supposed to believe they should be thin. Fat people should want to be thin. In America, this is how we think and feel. Fat is less beautiful.

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