Sunday, August 19, 2012

Me and My Skirt and My Crush

Wedding reception, now onto lab cleaning, which so far has meant putting two scanners away and taking a too-tired-to-make-a-face-for-the-camera skirt shot.

I made this skirt last summer for Sara's wedding.  This is me wearing the skirt today.


At first I wasn't sure if he wanted anything more than a hang-out buddy.  Then I wasn't sure if I did.  Then I changed my mind.  So I came up with an excuse to go out with him and before I got in the cab to go home, he gave me an opportunity to kiss him and I took it.

And this morning, I started to think:

Do I like him enough?  

Do I like him for the wrong reasons?  

Do I want him to be my Boyfriend?  

A Real Boyfriend?  

Should I be doing this if I don't?  

What will my friends think of him?  

Can I take him to Knitters' Breakfast?

And you know what?  I thought all these things, and then I thought:

I met a boy on Friday and kissed him on Saturday.  I'm having a lot of fun.  That is all I need to know right now.

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