Wednesday, August 29, 2012


When he told his best friend about me, he made sure to not say my last name, to protect my privacy.  Which is not only incredibly sweet, but personalized.  This isn't a bouquet of roses because girls like roses, this is the specific yarn I've wanted but never thought to ask for. 

He holds my hand in the street and changed his Facebook status.

I told myself that if he thought I was more engaged than I was, that wasn't my fault.  I told myself that it's been eleven days; I told myself it was too early to assume anything.  But that only means that I have succeeded at plausible deniability, and that's not the right standard to aim for.  Plausible deniability still means that I'm being cruel.  All I've succeeded in doing is finding a loophole to avoid the consequences. 

He deserves better than that.  If I am not in this with him, I need to get out.

I said, "Can I be your official girlfriend?"

I said, "I trust you.  It might not sound like a big thing, but it kinda is.  I wanted you to know that."

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