Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I can.

It is August first.  I paid my car, my phone, my utilities, some of my loans, my credit cards, and rent is set to go automatically.

My bank now has a program I get to use that makes me charts.

This is very exciting.  I am a little worried about dental bills, also falling behind on student loans, and I have decided to spend NO MONEY, LITERALLY, NO MONEY AT ALL on craft supplies for the month of August.  No fabric, no zippers, no buttons, no yarn, NOTHING.  I have gone a little out of control, and all the sewing also translates into all the shopping, because even when I resolve to only use current stash, I never stash up on zippers and elastic and all the little extra things.  And even though these are "good" purchases, because I use them on permanent, non-frivolous, things that are life-enriching and stuff, I need to stop and wait and get used to the idea that I can say no.

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