Sunday, August 12, 2012

Five hundred and four words

I am tired all the time.  I keep thinking that I should work on adjusting to the time, except I'm flying back tomorrow so I will have succeeded in teaching myself to be late to work.  So I will not be replying to anyone just yet, not even the five hundred and four word message I got back from no. 138. 

I am very excited to write back.  But I would like to trust myself a little more. 

The grammar guy who has a column in the San Diego Union-Tribune wrote a list of Olympic announcer errors, and along with "amount" versus "number," he got to my favorite pet peeve (is it possible to have a favorite pet peeve?) which is a soft "j" in Beijing.  JING, like jingle bells.  The Chinese do not have a soft "j" sound, but Americans tend to Frenchify what we want to sound fancy or foreign, so we give the Chinese a French makeover and everyone does it and it's annoying.



(The next morning, I open my computer and discover that I didn't even post this.)

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