Sunday, November 30, 2008

exercises in persistence

, originally uploaded by bluest_girl.

I think I got it to work. Switched to "stretch" style posting, which means as long as the browser window is normal sized the full image should show.

exercises in wishful thinking

Perhaps I will keep a duplicate blog here, so those who prefer the scroll-down-the-page format of a blog over the one-entry-at-a-time format of flickr need not suffer any longer.

I feel a little silly having any kind of online journal at all, much less two identical ones, but in the world of silly things people put online I suppose I have a long way to go to stand out in that respect.

I wanted to just import my photo blog from flickr to here, but the photo gets cropped badly which means the text isn't readable (or at least the right two inches of text aren't readable which makes for interesting beat poetry but isn't a very good way to actually communicate anything). In theory the image posts at 500x500px but it just doesn't work like that. If anyone knows a good way around this, let me know.