Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More notes about sex

1.  GodDAMN the socialization that makes me both ashamed of the hair on my body, and ashamed to shave it.  Because any decision is a Decision, and Means Something, even the fact that I am making a Decision emphasizes the fact that there is naturally hair, when one is supposed to encourage the idea that one is naturally smooth and hairless.  I am embarrassed, and I am pissed off that I'm embarrassed.

2.  I also have three pairs of underwear that are fit to be seen.  I don't like doing laundry.  Obviously, there is shopping in my future.

3.  Also, there is sex in my future.  That makes up for pretty much everything else.

4.  He said, in regards to my website, that it wasn't very vague.  I thought of this and did not say, you have no idea.

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