Monday, September 16, 2013

I made a thing. I have plans to make more things. I am madly in love with Gabrielle.


Flirting is basically doing a sassy walk up to somebody and going “PANTSFEELINGS?” and having them sassily respond “PANTSFEELINGS!” and then you pretend that you’re communicating about something else while really you’re going “Ha-HA! We are such attractive people."

-Elodie Under Glass, guest post for Captain Awkward


I watched a LOT of Xena this weekend.  Also, I made this:

Next up, I'm planning on sewing a pair of pillowcases.  One that says PANTSFEELINGS? and one that says PANTSFEELINGS!

Also, I'd like to find a nice, scalloped-edge pillowcase to embroider with the phrase, "Ask me what I'm asking for."  And since pillowcases also come in sets of twos, I'm still looking for something to match.

Cassie pointed out that the state fair is a place where embroidery and sewing are the unmarked state.  I can make things out of these materials, and instead of people thinking, "why did she choose to use embroidery," people think, "why did she choose Sylvia Plath?"

I don't want to think of this as a body of work, not yet.  I'm just making things I'd like to make, and seeing if it coalesces into something coherent.

And, no connection to anything at all, but I have just found this image:

It's a Dante's Inferno book/game tie-in cover.


This exists.

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