Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Appropros of nothing in particular (Started yesterday in my head as I was putting together cameras for the lab)

I don't know about the new models, but back when I sold cameras, Nikon manuals would warn you to be careful when adjusting the diopter because you might poke your eye out.  That was after they told you to avoid putting the camera strap around your neck because it could cause strangulation.  Obviously, Nikon discouraged using the term "neck strap."  Call it a "camera strap."  Safer that way.

I wear glasses because for the first 12 years of my life, my mother said that if I wore contacts I would get an eye infection and be blind for the rest of my life.  By the time I stopped caring about my mother's opinion on the subject, I could no longer imagine myself without glasses.

It's easy to make fun of warning labels, of hazard signs, dire predictions about faces freezing in impolite expressions.  What will happen, really, if I remove the tag from my mattress that says DO NOT REMOVE?

Sometimes, though, I look at all the cautionary symbols around me and think, there aren't nearly enough.

I look at all the times we accidentally hurt each other: the jokes that came out wrong, the gratitude never expressed, the obligations elsewhere, the feelings not returned.  We should all be covered in warning signs. 

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