Friday, September 13, 2013

Hong Kong Mah Jong, PART 5


I can also tell you the differences between discontinued black and white film developers, and the differences in the way they interact with discontinued films.  I can probably draw you a pretty good map of Xanth or Ferelden.

The point is sort of that I know all of these things.  But the real point is that everyone does.  Everyone has pools in their memory that are much deeper than they look from the surface, that connect to underground caverns of information.  It might be particle physics, or it might be every song on every Goo Goo Dolls album; no matter what the subject, someone is an expert on it.

It also makes me think about the things we don't even consider to be knowledge.  Think about anything you know how to do, like speak English or shop for groceries.  When you break it down into individual steps, and then into the necessary information you must have to understand in order to complete each step, it's an incredible amount of knowledge.  All of the things we learn without realizing that we're learning.

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