Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So many things this week!

Yesterday I switched from peppermint mochas to regular coffee in the morning, cutting both the cost and the calories by more than half.  I went to Joann's for fabric to make pillowcases, and left with... fabric to make pillowcases.  On sale.  And also a peppermint patty.  Then I went back, and did it again.  I weighed 201.8 pounds this morning.  And the pillowcases are awesome.

Tonight is signups for the first ballroom competition.  Tomorrow I get tattooed.  Then I get to see Alec Soth speak. 

He's more famous than we can usually get here, but the museum's footing the bill.  We managed to get him to spend some time talking with the grads, and if I were making any photographs these days I'd be terribly jealous.  Well, I'm still jealous, but even if he were going to look at my work (Alec Soth looking at my work!) what would be the point?  Years-old, abandoned, projects?  This, at least, motivates me to drop off the roll of film that's been sitting at the bottom of my purse for almost a year.  And to bring a camera to the competition.  Maybe, maybe, it's time to try digital...  Also, I think there will be Dinner With Alec Soth.  I think I get to go.  Yikes. 

Friday is a potluck/game/movie/etc social for the ballroom team.  There will be hair and makeup discussions and dress discussions, and there will be other women who, like me, feel utterly out of place in this, and it will be a safe space to get help.  I will bring my black fringe skirt to loan, and I will volunteer to make one for someone if they bring me the material. 

I am going to try, really really damn hard, to make diet-based decisions.  Then I will go to salsa at Wildwood.

Saturday, Cassidy comes over after Breakfast, and we are having a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon with the big tv and the couch.  I have promised him that he can put his head on my lap.  I have also promised him that I will not be naked for this.  Then he's going to try a DNY dance social in Marion.  It's the most casual and friendly setting I can think of, and I hope so much that he likes it.

To bring on Friday:

black fringe skirt
black slacks
black top
purple top
black undershirt
tape measure

To prepare tonight/ bring tomorrow:

iPod/ headphones
shave/moisturize legs for tattoo photo

As a sidenote, I often wonder about the ethics of using other people's imagery on my blog.  When the image is an ad or other commercial product shot, like the shoes, I feel that a link from the photo is sufficient.  When I need an illustration for something like pork buns, I look for images with Creative Commons licenses, or from Wikimedia, or other places where I have a reasonable expectation that the owner of the copyright has pre-approved my use.  The problem is when the thing I want illustrated is someone's art, for example, Alec Soth here, or Naamah Darling's custom ponies.  I know that image-jenking is something that everyone does, and most people don't really care, that lots of people like having their work shared as long as it's attributed, but it matters to me.  Permission to view is not the same as permission to republish, and just because someone has made it possible, doesn't mean they have made it permit-able.  In those cases, I usually take a screenshot of the webpage, rather than just the image itself, and enough of a screenshot that it is obviously a page that we're looking at.  Sort of like taking a photograph of a gallery exhibition rather than a single image from it.  It feels more like a document of a virtual place I visited, rather than a copy of the thing displayed. 

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