Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I haven't worn dresses in so long, and I fear that a dress will probably not flatter me as much as a top and skirt.  So I am still looking at tops that I can make bottoms for.


The nice thing about the cowl neck is that I think it goes with both a longer, elegant skirt, and a short fringed skirt.  And I'd like to have brighter colors.

And speaking of color:

Also Macy's
This would look almost vintage with a fringed skirt.  Except for being HOT PINK.

And I feel as if I could do something with this as well: 


 I think I'd see about cutting out the jersey edges of sleeves and neckline, but if the tank and the skirt match, it would look a little like a dress underneath, because the shirt would hide the differences in fabric.

ETA: Dude.  Cut out the jersey, replace with ribbon, sewed on and tied.  So sleeves become cap sleeves with little ribbon bows at the top, and neckline and waistline have little ribbon bows at the back.  YES.

Also in white (which might stand out as much as a bright color, really)


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