Friday, February 15, 2013


Sleep study, part 2.  Same tech, much improved.  She was still chatty, but it no longer felt as if she couldn't stand the sound of silence, and she no longer tried very hard to engage me in her chatter.  So she talked sometimes, and worked quietly sometimes, and I sat there, happily unengaged.  And she didn't need to wake me up every few hours to replace the wires and tubes that had fallen off, or tell me that I needed to be lying a different way.  So, all together, a much more pleasant experience.

The CPAP machine is odd, but not overly uncomfortable.  The one they had was very quiet, sort of like a the quiet hum of a heater. 

After, I came home and slept another two hours, but it was clear that I didn't need them.  I liked staying in bed, under the blankets, but I got up with the funny overslept kind of tired, rather than the "you call that sleep?" kind of tired.  So I suppose this means success.  I am not a new woman today, but I didn't get coffee this morning, either.  So there's that.

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