Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh and, a thing about sleep

So my apnea is pretty bad.  I'm choking for 10 seconds every minute.  What everyone says is that getting a CPAP machine is going to change my life.  I've been compensating for a lack of restful sleep, a lack of oxygen, and I never knew it, but once I stop compensating it will be AMAZING.

The thing is, I don't sleep a lot.  I sleep about an average amount, as I compare to people I've slept with or lived with.  I don't suffer from an unusual lack of energy.  I'm not a wreck in the mornings, even before coffee.  I can make it through four hours of dance lessons, which is no small feat, and even though I'm barely standing by the end of it, I am standing.  I do moderate exercise on a regular basis, not like an athlete or anything, but compared to what I see around me, I do pretty well. 

So, if this is what compensating is like, what will life-after-CPAP be like?  Am I secretly hyperactive? 

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