Saturday, February 9, 2013

7:23 am on a Saturday

I asked the competition team captain:

and he replied:

Then I asked Katie:

and she replied:

So I bought $120 shoes in tan satin. 

And then, at the social last night, she showed off the shoes she'd just gotten—lime green to match her dress.  She said that the club carries the gold shoe, but they wouldn't make us wear it.  We can have whatever color we want.  They just recommend skin colors.

It's too late to back out of this competition.  It isn't fair of me.  But I think that I'm done.  I'm done trying to make this work.  I'm done trying to be friends with these people, and I'm done trying to follow their rules.  I will go to lessons for the rest of the semester, even competition team practices.  And then when summer starts I'll go back to Dance New York, and I might stay there.  It's more expensive, more driving.  I can't dance as many hours.  But it makes me happy.  And this, it does sometimes.  But not enough.

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