Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I actually sent this one.

 Slightly toned down from the previous version:

I don't feel attacked. However, I feel that the fact that you refer to my views as "radical," says a lot about what you consider "normal." You refer to feminist views as being opposed to humanist or scientific (as in, rational, logical, and evidence-based) views, as if feminism were something that hinders rational thought rather than something that stems from it. It shows both a deep misunderstanding of the concept, and a lot of condescension, and I'm not interested in wading through the latter so I can try to address the former. If you are actually interested in opposing viewpoints, and are willing to accept that people who have them are just as rational and logical as you are, I suggest you start here: http://finallyfeminism101.wordpress.com/purpose/ 

It pisses me off that I will probably be another example of women who Just Won't Listen in his mind.  That I will probably do more to enforce his shitty world view than I will to improve it.  I hate that. 

Red Banner Guy (due to popular response, he got an upgrade) reminds me that people change.  And maybe this guy will.  But I'm so cynical these days.  I can't even try.

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