Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I am Looking At and You Should Too

So pretty much all my new internet places are curated via Cassie. Here is the newest:

There are also cats, and words, lots of words that I will probably go and read as well, but so you know I haven't read them yet so I am not recommending the words at this moment.  I am recommending ponies.  Designer My Little Ponies.  The plastic is in its original shape, but everything else is new.

And when I first heard of this, it seemed like it was supposed to be funny, like "hey look, bondage pony" but the execution is so damn good, and so sincere, that it kisses hipster irony on the cheek and then sails on by. 

It's like those cooking shows, where gourmet chefs take ordinary foods that we take for granted as yummy in a pedestrian kind of way, and make them amazing.  This is gourmet pony. This is seriously fucking creme brulee pony.  Or something fancier that I don't even know about because me and fancy food are pretty much total strangers.  This is like some food I haven't even heard of. 

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