Friday, July 6, 2012

Week 7, almost over

It's more than a month into summer, and so far I continue to fail at making progress.  I'm not exercising nearly as much (fewer dance classes and I've abandoned the Kinnect), and every two or three weeks I have another "special," food-related event, like a vacation or anniversary party or the 4th of July, and it takes me a week or two to undo the damage, and then another one comes up.  If I were better overall, more exercise, more rigorous diet, maybe I'd still be making progress.  Or if I decided that the "special" events weren't special enough, and not worth the fight afterwards.  But as it is, I am stalled.  And this is almost exactly the same place I stalled at last time, and it frustrates me.  Last time, I stopped because the stress of job hunting and the impending doom of losing my roof and my income at the same time and then the fun of working three part-time jobs to scrape by.  This time, I don't have those excuses.  I just have but I don't want to miss the grilling!

And I got the kind of message on OK Cupid that made me swear at the screen, because it sounded just like something I would have written, except for the details that didn't actually describe me or my life, and he lives 230 miles away in Missouri.  And I wrote him back, and he's written back, promptly, but in four messages so far, he hasn't once responded to anything I've said that wasn't a direct question.  He doesn't ask me any questions, he doesn't respond to anything I say that isn't a direct question.  I will chat about what he says, maybe allude to something in my life (dental surgery, yarn, etc.), but he doesn't pick any of that up, he just answers my questions. 

I know that I like to talk about myself, more than I ought, but all I'm asking for here is a little give and take.  He wrote to me, and I'm assuming that's because there was some interest in what I have to say, since I don't think it was my amazing rack. 

I worry that I'm being too picky, that it's not fair to judge him for failing to meet some secret set of criteria.  It wasn't too long ago that I stopped writing someone else back for the same reasons: he answered my questions but didn't give me much to go on and it was getting hard to write back and I just didn't want to work that hard.  This time, there's plenty to ask, and I can always volunteer other things, but what's the point if he doesn't show any interest?

The Cub says he has single (straight, male) friends, and I think that, now that he's married, he wants to help everyone else be as happy as he is, and part of me perks up at the idea, and part of me thinks, why bother.

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