Thursday, July 12, 2012

A really long list

1. I have EXCELLENT bone. My bone is tough and bulky and AMAZING. The dentists said so. I went in for a new mold of my teeth, and I was secretly terrified that they would say "oh no, there isn't enough bone! You ate it all up again!" And, ladies and gentlemen, I would have had a meltdown then and there because I have been waiting for 8 months for a new tooth, and at the current estimates it will be another 3-4 months more and I would really like this to be over, please, can it be over?

But it will. Possibly in time to get a new tooth for Christmas.

2. We have a cat named Iggy. Iggy is the floppiest, friendliest cat you've ever met. You can pick him up in all sorts of funny ways, and he purrs. Sometimes I'll set my hand down on the couch and realize that there's a cat there, and he purrs. Because I touched him, which is almost like petting him, and if I leave my hand in his vicinity, he'll rub against it, like, hey, that's okay you don't have to do any work, you can pet me and all you have to do is stay there oh purrrr.

I am kind of like that. The minute someone pays attention to me, any attention, any friendlieness at all, I think does it mean something? Does he like me? He came up to me and talked! He spent time with me! What's going on?

Cute boy. Hipster glasses, like mine. REALLY good salsa dancer, easy to follow, lots of flair. Asked me to dance the last time I went, and was nice and I flubbed a lot of it, because, salsa, and I sort of figured that he saw me, and thought I was good, and then he danced with me, and now he knows better so that's that. I went back yesterday, and he asked me again. He actually asked me during a bachata if I would dance the next salsa with him. And we talked about how we don't like bachata or merengue, and we danced, and he sat at my table, and when he got up he gave me a reason, have to say hello to the birthday girl, and when he left the club, he said I have to work at seven tomorrow and there was some sort of we'll dance again next time bit.

And I don't think that I stand out in this crowd for being either good looking or a good dancer (as there are plenty of better examples of both on the floor, often in the same person), and it's not like he's had a chance to notice that I'm interesting. I'm obviously there by myself, so maybe he's being nice? But part of me is Iggy, saying, Hey you noticed me! You LOVE me!

3. Time to make an appointment for part 2 of tattoo. Kris has time this coming Tuesday, which is AWESOME because it's SOON and I hate waiting. And I probably won't take that day because it means I can't go salsa dancing on Wednesday, and that means no Hipster Salsa Boy (to be known as HSB). I could probably get away with taking ballroom lessons on the day after a tattoo, because of all the starting and stopping, but it's not possible to salsa without sweat. Which means that I will try to get the time slot on Friday, but there's someone else with dibs on it, and if I don't get Friday I'll wait until the week after? Which means that I am now rearranging my plans for a guy I've talked to for less than 10 minutes. Because he noticed me. And that's all it takes.

4. Do you think I can take vicodin before getting tattooed? Not that I can't handle it, it's on my calf, and I know I can, but why hurt when you can not-hurt? This is a question for Kris.

5. Oh, right. I actually weighed myself today. Not bad, not good. Still stuck in place.

6. I am terrified of my tooth implant. Apparently there are screws in my jaw that will need to be removed, which will require peeling my gums back to take them out, and I'm pretty sure that's why the bone graft was so awful, was the whole gum-peeling-back bit. Turns out flesh is actuallly attached to bone (who knew, except everyone, duh), and un-attaching it, even without pain, is very unpleasant. Last time, I didn't really know what I was getting into; this time I know. Which makes it so much worse. Why are all the things I'm looking forward to going to hurt?

7. Mary Janes came in, in a lovely robin's egg blue. (On screen, they looked a little more of a dull-aqua, but whatever.) Sadly, they need stretching, enough stretching that I really don't want to use my feet to do it, so I need to get shoe stretchers. I also ordered another pair (in extra extra wide) in camel. Sad, wide wide feet.

8. I was early to ballroom dance yesterday because I was almost late the day before. So I talked to the receptionist for a while. I love her because she understands things like "I have to know the very SECOND that glittery shoes arrive," and, "it's hard to own clothes when one's waist changes by 8 inches on a regular basis." And we talked about private lessons, and why I don't take them ($80/hour or so yikes), and how great it would be to take them, and she's seen me dance and I'm good and obviously love it, and I'd like performing but maybe not competing because that changes things. And I was thinking about how nice it would be to have levels and acheivements and everything. I was a Suzuki child. If I took private lessons I'd be doing curriculum, and I'd have boxes to check off, and levels to beat, and I'd love it. So maybe in the fall when I can take lessons with the UI club at $3 a lesson instead of $11 at the studio, and I'm done with the tattoo, and not sewing skirts, I'll have enough to buy a lesson package.

9. The salsa step we learned at ballroom yesterday totally kicked my ass. It involves traveling turns which are apparently really hard for me, especially because it's a tuck turn, and then going forward, and the momentum that gets me spinning is also momentum pushing me back, and it took a million tries before I could do it without nearly falling down, much less actually ending up in the right place. This is the first time I've felt genuinely challenged. I'm still bad at it. I will work at it. And then I will feel AMAZING.

10. This is a long list.

11. I will finish skirt #14 tonight: brown pinstripes, very professional, possibly to be followed by a pinstripe corset. I've been making a corset pattern. It's almost done. Usually I sew everything slapdash, with the idea that no one will actually inspect my seams while I am wearing the skirt.  As long as it is a skirt, and not conceptual art, I am satisfied. These new skirts are so much fancier, with a zippered fly, and pockets that aren't just a rectangle sewed on after the fact, but built in to the skirt, I am so proud of them.

12. I do not knit anything that I can finish in less than a month. I do not sew anything that I can't finish in an afternoon. Don't know why that is.

13. This is a really long list.

14. Seriously, now I don't want to end it, just because it is so long.

15. Remember the pony blog? I started reading the words. Then I teared up a little, and went back to this list. Apparently, if I keep reading, there will also be porn, which is apparently problematic porn, so you have your warning.

16.Whatever I end with is going to have way more importance than it deserves.  Like when you break up with someone, and what you remember of them is the things they said while breaking up, even though you were together for six years, and most of it wasn't like that at all.  It's hard to remember the other stuff.  That's why endings are important, you have to do them right.

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