Thursday, July 26, 2012

Do you know what it's time for?

It's time to absurdly overthink my new crush!

(It seems like so long since I've done this.)

1. He asked me to dance IMMEDIATELY when I came in.  Like, I hadn't had a sip of the water I just put down on the table yet.

2. He was there with his parents, who are visiting from Puerto Rico, where he is from.  He's been here for five years.  I'd been wondering how old he is, and I'm going to guess that he came here for college, which would put him at about 23 or so.

3. Upon further examination, he might be a little less hipster than I thought. 

4. There are women there in tight dresses, the kind one only wears at night, women who look like beer commercials, and some of them can dance, and some of them just totter a little on absurdly high heels, and he doesn't dance with them.  It's not that he isn't dancing with hot women, but he doesn't dance with the beer commercials. 

5.  Maybe it's because his parents were in town, but he seemed to be an odd one out, a little, too.  Which would explain a lot.  I am a safe person to ask to dance.

6. His mother looks latina; his dad looks very anglo.  I wonder if he's culturally a halfie, too.  I'd like that.

7.  When I screw up, and nearly crash into some oblivious person texting at her table, and bite my lip in embarrassment, he laughs, in a good way.  He tries things out, and sometimes it doesn't work, and sometimes it does, and he enjoys it so much.

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