Monday, July 9, 2012

Week 8, part 1: updates

No weight today.  Maybe tomorrow.

I called Delta about the plane tickets.  Customer service was excellent.  My current flight plans are canceled, and when I have information about the memorial service, I will call with the information and I can apply the cost of the canceled tickets towards a flight to the service in August. 

She was unconscious, with her daughter sitting by her side.  She was breathing, and then she wasn't.  It was not all anyone could have hoped for, but it was all we could have asked for. 

I really hate the phrase passed away.  Sometimes I use it anyway because it seems to make other people more comfortable.

I did go to to the double birthday, and didn't say anything.  I wrote back to the interesting boy, and I did.  I suppose, in retrospect, it probably should have been the other way around.

The other half of my failing conversation asked if I wanted to be friends.  I said

I'm honestly surprised you're asking, since I feel like I've been trying and failing to make conversation, and you haven't expressed an interest in, or even seemed to notice, anything I've said that wasn't a direct question. I wish you well in your endeavors, but no, I don't see a friendship developing here.

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