Friday, July 20, 2012


1. Hey, look, a woman who's been made to feel as if she doesn't have a right to her culture and ethnicity.  Check out what she's got to say about that. 

2. 189 (point zero) today.  No party plans for the weekend, emotional trauma unlikely, this time it's a keeper.

3. And I didn't see HSB on Wednesday.  Because I didn't go to salsa on Wednesday.  I moved heavy shelving and tables, and then I had dance lesson and practice for two hours, and at the end I was so tired, and I wasn't following very well (usually happens when I get tired, I stop being able to respond quickly to input, which means that by the time I realize I've been given a lead, it's eight counts later), and after looking at myself in the mirror for two hours, I decided that the clothes were not the right ones and I felt a little self conscious and this was not a good time to see someone I wanted to impress.  So I went home and stole things in Skyrim.  I am going to restore the Thieves' Guild to it's former glory.

4. Someone found my blog by googling "how to deal with a satanist ex boyfriend."

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