Friday, July 13, 2012

Clothing decisions, in more detail than necessary

Today I am wearing a white t-shirt and pale beige skirt.  This is because after work I am going to dress up as a gay cow and get a free chicken sandwich*.  The plan is to wear white, and attach rainbow spots to my clothes, and wear a tail, ears, and possibly a cowbell.  I own two white items that are not shirts.  One is a slip.  The other is a petticoat.  So I go with beige as the next best plan.

After gay cow sandwich I have a ballroom dance to go to.  It will be the first one of these since the latest tattoo.  Also the first one since glittery pink shoes.  So all other decisions need to be made in relation to those two things.  Bright shoes says no color elsewhere.  Tattoo says skirt that twirls up, so that tattoo is revealed in various amounts as I move.  I only own two colorless skirts, and only one of them twirls up.  I feel as if the polka dots will be slightly more attention grabbing than a plain black would be, but the twirling makes up for it.  And, in the future, I should probably think about acquiring a twirly black skirt.

I want to wear shoes without visible socks.  I also don't want to wear nylons over my tattoo.  And I have really small socks that don't show, but in the past they also slip down when I try to dance and it's really annoying but I hate wearing good shoes without socks.

*Chick-Fill-A is having a "show up dressed as a cow and get a free sandwich" day.  Since Chick-Fil-A is a strong supporter of anti-gay groups, and really stupid lawsuits, we are going to take advantage of their free food day and make Chick-Fill-A give out sandwiches to a bunch of gay cows.

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