Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 5, part 2: normal

Now that I've finished excising vacation pounds from my waist, it's back to normal.  It's always so much slower and more disappointing when I actually have to work to get progress.

I've also been following this post, and it's comments, and I can't decide if it's helping by being the conversation I want to have, or if it's just keeping me stuck on a subject I ought to stop talking about.

I'm not even sure if I want to stop talking about it.  I want to let go of the unhappiness associated with the discussion.  But is letting go of this discussion, this self-evaluation, this idea I have wanted oh so much (y'know, for the last week), going to make it happen any faster?  Is the voice in my head telling me to stop talking about this already just the voice of "it makes you look desperate?" 

I get tired of hearing myself talk, sometimes.  I mean, I talk a lot.  In my head.  So I hear myself all the time.

My mother said, as she was driving me to my psychiatrist, I can't argue with you, your English is too good, you're just like your father.

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