Thursday, June 7, 2012

Things I am talking about, things I am not.

1.  The world is now a little more surreal.  A Chicago grocery store installed a mural of a grocery store in an EL tunnel.  And what really puts it over the top?  It is a grocery store.  Scan the bar codes into your iPhone or Android app, and they'll be delivered to your door.  Who needs art when there's life?  Or a life-sized mural of life?

davidwilson1949 on flickr

2.  Thursday, already.  I shouldn't be disappointed.  But I can already feel Monday looming.  Also, I really need to take care of my bills for the month. 

3.  My grandmother is dying.  Like, no one is sure, but 6 months is sounding optimistic.  I wish that someone would just say it without the frills, the soft words.  And then I wish that someone would tell me what to do.

4.  I have a tattoo appointment for the 22nd.  I want to get through the text and the outline all at once, and come back for the coloring.  Kris is estimating 2-3 hours for the first, and 1-2 hours for the second.  I can't wait.

5.  I am taking the advanced rhythm class as a lead this month.  Or, I might take it as a lead for the first two weeks, and switch for the next, since the class seems to only introduce one new step per dance per month.  I still can't talk and dance at the same time.

6.  Salsa: it's like a foreign language where I've got the accent down but I only know how to say how are you and where is the bathroom?  And then people start talking to me like I know how to respond and it all goes embarrassingly wrong.

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