Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How it's going to go, I think

So the plan is to take the planetary bodies bit from, like, five posts ago, and re-do the metaphor (probably tides, since, duh) and make it the ending of that thing I'm writing.  So, like the last one, the plot is mostly "this is how things were, this is how things are now," except instead of being about the sadness between the two, it's about the potential for something different.  So it starts with a beach in San Diego, jumps back to me and Mike, probably jumps around a bit in the times of me & Mike, and then ends back in San Diego, with the thing about the ache of want and the possibility of change.  And an apology, I think.  Something like
I want to apologize. But I can’t apologize for one thing without apologizing for everything. And if I apologize for everything then I have taken everything.  I want to give him my sorrow, but I want to give him his life—his life—not mine.
Another thought is to add planets to the beginning with the ocean, or at least the moon, since it's the gravitational pull between planetary bodies that makes the tides, so I don't have to change the metaphor at the end.  Also then, can take the afternoon onward, having dinner with my father and his new wife (a new and good change that I don't know very well) and end by being at night talking about planets and want and change.

And as I re-read that, I think, no.  Nevermind.  I'll work something else out.

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