Friday, June 15, 2012

After the third paragraph, I decided to just post

I looked at all the other places, too. Upper back made it look like it was part of some super schmaltzy scene with the fish and I hated it. Thigh will mess with the poem.  And the thing is, what makes it feel intimate is the fact that it can't be seen.  It's not how sexualized* or otherwise meaningful the specific body part is, it's the fact that it isn't visible.  It feels secret, private, because my body under my clothes is private. Also, part of the point is having it being seen.  It's just that being seen is also part of the problem.

It isn't wrong any more than my losing weight is wrong. But I dislike it for the same reasons: being seen with this feels like being seen with "diet food" etc., it's still supporting an aspect of our culture that I dislike, even if I, personally have good reasons for it, not everyone will know those reasons. And if I make it look like a joke, it takes away the actual joke, which is the fact that it looks like the dumb ones.

It's absolutely in the same vein as the bird (and I had the same reaction, a million years ago, when I thought of the bird). But it's also a criticism, more so than the bird is, which makes it more like "I'm being ironic" than "You're awesome." It's more negative than the bird, which makes me feel like it's something I'd be more likely to regret than any of the others I've done (or will start on Friday). 

Most of this is moot, anyway.  Because I'm getting that feeling of this is how it is, the feeling of rightness that I got when I first wrote down the Laura Gilpin poem.  And it's in contrast to the feeling of wrongness I get when I think of it saying anything else, or going anywhere else.  Any other suggestion feels wrong.  It's an almost physical recoil, like the idea is gross.  It sticks in the pit of my stomach.  I never really had a chance of talking myself out of this.

So there it is, from concept (in the car on the way to work yesterday morning) to decision 24 hours later.  And the considerations in between.

*Seriously, Firefox?  Sexualized?  You have a problem with that?

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