Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Have I mentioned that I'm in love with Jason Segal?

I remembered Ploughshares, partly because my professors at Goucher were guest editors while I was in school, and I remembered that it seemed like a Pretty Big Deal kind of journal.  I thought I was being ambitious-ish by trying there first.  And this submission, which is so starkly in the forefront of my mind, is becoming unpleasantly distracting, so I thought that I'd treat submitting the way I do online dating, and get some more work out.  This means that I need more work, so I am looking at polishing older pieces, like How To Fight With Your Mother or maybe even the sestinas (dear Firefox, sestina is a real word).  And I need places to send them to, so I am looking up other journals and I find a "Top 50 Literary Magazines" list and Ploughshares is number 2, below The New Yorker.  And now I'm feeling like I just asked Jason Segal to go out with me and what the hell was I thinking?  And how can I possibly do it again?

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