Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sort of like this.  (I realize I've switched arms, I don't have very many photos of myself.)  Also the characters are not correct, I just grabbed a few to get a general idea of how it would look.

This is a terrible, terrible idea.  It contributes to a culture that I disapprove of.  Even if I'm participating ironically, I'm still participating.  It's like hipster racism.  And I could fix that by putting it somewhere that wouldn't be seen without getting to know me pretty well, so by the time anyone saw it, they would know what it means and why, but those places seem so much more serious.  Personal and intimate.  And that's not what this is.  It's personal, sort of, but not intimate.

Sigh.  I think that I could think of silly things to tell people it means.  Or even just telling people what it really means.  There's a woman online who has a matching tattoo with her partner, and people ask what she will do if they ever break up, and she says, deadpan, Well, obviously I'll cut my arm off.  I love that.  I feel a similar sort of feeling picturing myself saying, deadpan, It means thank you pork bun.  Everyone will assume it's a joke.  And it is a joke, it just isn't a lie.

Problem is, I'm smitten.  Luckily, I have to wait at least another month or two before I can finish my legs, and if I'm still smitten in a few months then there's a hope that it is only a sort of terrible idea.

Oh, and if we haven't met: hi.  This is what I look like.

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