Thursday, August 22, 2013

Netflix my eyes Woody Allen if you think we have something in common

I was surprised to see this on my stats page this morning:

Usually the only referring websites are trolling for clickbacks.  But, apparently, I made it onto yesterday's Sunnydale Herald, and thus onto several LJ and Dreamwidth feeds with my post about virginity stories on TV.  I don't know if the list creator does much reading of the posted content or if it's mostly a find-Buffy-mentions-list-Buffy-mentions-bot.  (Then again, there have to be a lot of mentions of just the name Buffy, so maybe there is actual person-reading?)  Now I feel kind of bad, since the post really isn't about Buffy, per se, but about the way that TV represents a particular aspect of teenage life.  Buffy was just the most recent time I'd noticed it. 

Anyway, in the spirit of linking, here are three things I enjoyed on the internet recently:

OK Cupid Lorem Ipsum Generator.  I linked to the hairpin article, because I think it's still my favorite version.  I would really like to see a version done with women's profiles.  I would seriously consider changing my profile to that.

I need to cheat on my husband because if I don't I may never finish Paradise Lost.  You should also read all sixteen pages of bad advice, all in one sitting, like I did. 

1500 words on what to wear to Worldcon.  This, exactly.  The spaces and identities I navigate aren't the same as Andrea's, not exactly, but I have very similar discussions with myself about signaling and unspoken (sometimes unconscious) cultural expectations.  Also she's smart and a good writer and says other good things in other posts and stuff.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I was the editor that linked you. I thought you made interesting points, and the Sunnydale Herald readers always enjoy meta posts. :)

Angela said...

Hi! Thanks, both for the link and the response. :) I checked out a bunch of the other posts you linked, they were great!

Andrhia said...

Hey, thank you for linking me! (I totally still read you. You're awesome.)