Friday, August 30, 2013

A Few Somethings

I keep starting bits of blog posts, and not getting very far.  And my notes document is getting unwieldy. 

There's something about DA:O vs. DA2, the difference that Alistair makes.  There wasn't ever an Alistair for me in DA2, and not just because none of the romance characters were written to perfectly appeal to me.  It's the way that Alistair was written to be my partner, my person.  Jenny Hawke doesn't have a person.  It's her story, and everyone else is peripheral to that.

There's something about this latest Buffy rewatch.  The show was written to play on the trope of the girl running down a dark alley with a monster chasing her, in Buffy, it's the monsters who run from the girl.  But here are still a lot of girls running away.  And sure, not everyone can be Buffy, the monsters are scary, and they have victims.  There are plenty of male victims who are just as helpless.  I would say that, especially in the beginning, most of the male characters are shown as weaker than the women.  But the men of Sunnydale don't run.  They scream.  Sometimes they die.  Sometimes we see a guy at the end of a chase, when he's knocked down and dragged off screen.  But that iconic shot of the lone person running through the dark with a monster chasing—that person is always female. 

There's the college entrance essay I wrote on Why I'm a Libertarian.  Obviously, things have changed since then.  I want to look at that transition.  What changed?  What were the arguments or life experiences that made a difference?  I want to write a dialog between me and my past selves, a kind of question-answer session.  (Yikes.  I've read a lot of 101, but I've never really tried to write my own.  And, well, I'm aware that I have a long way to go.)

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