Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dragon Age: the long game

So when I started planning Dragon Age endings, I was trying to fit the largest number of permutations in the smallest number of playthroughs, and trying to still keep the choices in keeping with the characters.  It makes sense for Dwarf Jenny to preserve the anvil, because destroying it would almost be sacrilege.  It is a relic from the greatest days of dwarven innovations, and would mean the possibility of saving and reuniting lost cities.  Similarly, it makes sense for Dwarf Jenny to fail to save the mages.  Teryna Jenny mostly exists because she's the only one who can make Alistair king without losing him, and since she's wooing him she'll make most of the same choices that Mage Jenny did.

But I'm realizing: I'm going to play Dragon Age 2.  And, barring more betrayal from Bioware (Mass Effect 2, I'm looking at you), I'll be playing Dragon Age 3 as well.  And I'm, like, 99% certain that I can import games so that there's a consistent storyline, and my choices and their consequences continue on from game to game.  And it's bad enough playing Awakenings in a world where Alistair is dead, but now Anders is dead, too?

So I'm thinking about a playthrough designed specifically to create the world I want, and part of me wants Alistair and Jenny riding off into the sunset together because I like that story.  But the bastard son turned reluctant but good king is a good story, too.  And Teryna Jenny was raised in court politics, and would be a good queen for him.  She would keep him from being an Arl Eamon puppet.  Would they be happy?  Would it be good for Ferelden?  Is that the world I want to continue for three more games?  

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