Friday, July 12, 2013

Awakenings spoilers now

Anders is dead.  Nathaniel is dead.  Velanna is probably dead.  The only members of my party still standing are Ogrun, Sigrun, and Justice.  And only one of those three is alive.

I only found out because I noticed that their bios had changed.  I knew they'd be fighting at the keep while Jenny was on a quest, but I assumed I'd play that battle, too.  But it happened without me, and the game didn't tell me.  I never got a chance to help them.  It was Alistair dying all over again, except this time I didn't even know until it was too late.  

I completed all the upgrades to the keep.  I left four people in my party behind.  I did what I was supposed to do but it wasn't enough.

I wonder if the Architect played me.  I still don't know why any of this has happened.  And Anders is dead.

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