Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The best thing.

Some attractions never go away, they just drift into my periphery and linger in wait.  And so That One Guy I Was in a Class With Once, who spent two weeks front and center of my every thought, is now someone I only catch a glimpse of every few months or so.  A wave from across the building, a quick, smiling nod as he walks by.  The attraction is there, it just isn't pressing anymore.  It no longer demands my full attention.

But, oh, when it does.  When it comes back, for instance when he runs into me and asks to show me what he's working on and then says, twice, that I'm smart and also he misses having my insight in critique, something like that leaves me wobbly and grinning because is there anything better, really, than knowing that the person who was once your entire world is glad that you're in his?

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