Thursday, April 4, 2013

New plans, determination.

Shin Pain (Shin Splints)

Treatment: rest, ice, ibuprofen, NOT DANCING
Treatment time: 2-4 weeks

I can't go to Hawkeye Swing Fest.

I've withdrawn from Iowa Dancesport Classic.

But there is a memorial Jack and Jill swing dance contest at IDC, and it means something to me.  Not just because swing dancing is where we met, not just because it was something we shared, but it was something we shared when we were at ballroom dances, it was the thing that separated us from everyone else.  When I was just getting used to ballroom and my instincts were wrong and it all seemed so affected and closed off, she was the one who understood.  So it's not just because it's a swing dance contest, it's because it's a swing dance contest in the middle of a ballroom competition.  I can't dance it with her, but I will dance it in memory of her because my instincts are better now, and no one's closing me out anymore, and I can't thank her for that but I can dance.

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