Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'd been meaning to show you:

This is what I'm doing.  I put up photos for as long as I enjoy looking at them.  As new ones get added, the groupings will probably change.  There used to be another three or four, but they didn't last.  I'm still not letting myself ask, is this good?  I can only ask, do I enjoy looking at it?  It's funny how different those questions feel.  I think I spend too much time worrying about the first when it's the second that's important.

My phone case won't arrive until Monday, so Pinkerton (my phone) still has all the plastic on it, which makes for pretty but smeary images.  And I am still looking around at camera apps.  Also, since my desktop is old and doesn't get cloud access, I need to email photos to myself in order to get them on a computer.

(One solution would be to upgrade the OS on my iMac, which is still running whatever was current when I bought it in 2008.  I might lose Fallout or the Sims.  I'd definitely need to actually back up my data, instead of just saying I will.)

It's making me think about images and their physical existence, because if the point of these isn't printing, then does it matter if they only live on my phone, tablet, interwebs?  If I can edit, crop, and drop into a blog post, or pass around at knitters' breakfast, and all from a phone or tablet, why is it that they don't feel like I don't really have them if they're not on a "real" computer?

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