Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This person

Every once and a while, I look at myself and think, when did I become this person?

I saw this on Facebook:

and I thought:

Is there actually any evidence of prostitution?  And if she is known, or more likely, accused, of prostitution, is that still a good reason to call her a whore?  Or is it just that a man who is addicted to crack is a crack addict, perhaps a crack head, but a woman is a whore?  That's fucked up and it pisses me off.  And that's not even going into the shameless "look how gross other people are" point of the headline.  This is heartbreaking and people are laughing.

And, for a moment, just a tiny one, I considered posting a shorter, tamer, version of that.  But I know what I'd get. 

Really, that's where you go? Can't you think about anything else? Do you have to turn everything into your agenda?

And the answer is, yes.  Yes I do.  And then I look at myself and think, wow.  I am that person. 

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