Saturday, January 12, 2013

Like John Cusack with a boom box, but better.

Oh yeah, I teased, I'm not too busy, why don't you stop by my office this afternoon?

And then he did. He was THERE, in the doorway of my office, real and kissing me and suddenly what was true and what I wanted to be true actually overlapped and I couldn't quite believe it.

I wished for something, and then it happened.

I think, if a Companion showed up at my door immediately after, and looked into my soul with big blue eyes and said ::I Choose you::, I would have told it to come back tomorrow. That's the kind of fantasy wish fulfillment this was.

It's the kind of thing I always wanted, sort of like John Cusack standing outside my window with a boom box, except less stalker-y.

It turns out that he had planned this for a day, at least. He managed to get me to tell him that I had no plans that would interfere, without making me the slightest bit suspicious. He even got me to volunteer the address and office number of my work. I TOLD him where I worked! And I had NO idea.

And it could have gone badly. I can't condone, as a rule, the practice of not telling me things. But this, it was just right.

When I sat down to start typing, I had started with FRIDAY, because I was going to go on to SATURDAY, when I saw The Silver Lining Playbook, which was difficult to watch, and just happened to be followed by Out of Range playing on the radio, and I was going to write about fear. But I cried. And then I got up and made dinner. And now I don't really want to write that anymore.

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