Thursday, January 31, 2013

Not Shoes

1. This is an utterly beautiful personal essay about class.

2. I want to make a gesture.  You know, the gift-giving kind.  Except gift-buying, obviously, is out.  If I start from the premise, "What should I buy someone?" then what I get is "AAAAAAHHH!"  Really, what I want is the gesture.  The "Hey hey I like you" part. 

3. I keep thinking about that Facebook post.  I wonder, what would it take for it to not be a joke?  Legless Crack Whore Beats Rich White Child to Death?  Rich White Lady Beats Child to Death?  Legless Crack Head (male) Beats Homeless Vet to Death?  How much depends on the nature of the perpetrator, how much on the victim? 

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