Thursday, January 31, 2013

Notes for new shoes

I needed to save links so I can find everything again...

Okay.  If I compete as a follow, which I may do, I need a pair of latin ballroom shoes in gold satin.  I can buy through the club from Showtime Dance Shoes, which gives me a 20% University Club discount, or I can buy through Dance New York, which I've done before.

The advantage of DNY is that those shoes can be customized, both in heel and width.  Since what seems to fit best is if I start with a 6.5 extra wide and then stretch it, customized is a good thing.  Also, while I think that the standard woman's heel is not as hard to wear as I'd previously thought, I'd still rather wear a thick heel if I can.

The advantage of Showtime is THIS SHOE.  

1534 - Ladies' Closed Toe

It's so pretty!  It's strappy looking AND close toed, and I LOVE it.  But, can I dance in it?  If I get it big enough that the bottom is as wide as my feet, will it be so big that I have half an inch of air between me and the back of the heel?  And will I wobble and fall in those bitty heels?

It's a $120 risk.  That's a lot.

When I could order this from DNY, which would come in a wide size, and a cuban heel.

Design 6033 (Classic) with 156 Beige Satin and 2" thick Cuban heel

It's not as pretty, and it's open-toed, although just a peek so you might not see any actual toe. 

It is the safer choice.  I don't know what it costs, although my glitter ones were $120 including custom heel, width, and fabric, so I don't think these will be much more.

ETA: Capezio also has this:

Capezio Alicia with 2" heel

It's a "peach" instead of a gold, but I think what the club wants is semi flesh-toned, something to look like the leg is longer and more extended, rather than cutting off the line at the shoe.  I think they'd be okay with it.  I can get it in wide, so the question is, can I dance in that heel.  (Price is $110, so comparable.)

ETA2: The more I think about it, the more I think that I'm better off with a heel that matches the rest of my dance shoes.  So that what I learn on one shoe translates to the other shoes, and what I wear to play is the same as what I wear to compete.  So I need to get them from DNY because I need the heel.

...and I just found the shoes I love (at top) on the DNY shoe page... under "Smooth."  Which means I can't wear them anyway.  Because shoes designed for smooth dances have something in the sole to keep it from bending, and that bend is necessary for latin.

6829 in Brown Satin.  Ask Susie if they will bend right for latin, if I can order in wide sizes with Cuban heels.

They LOOK like Latin shoes.  I WANT them to be Latin shoes.  But they may not, indeed, be Latin shoes.  And I may not be able to get them customized.  But I will talk to DNY tonight and see what my options are.

ETA3: I need to remind myself that these are, essentially, work clothes.  They are uniforms.  And if they don't make me excited, well, I have shoes that do.  I can get more exciting shoes.  I can get those 6829s in electric blue satin and sparkle, if I want.  Well, not in the same month as I get the competition shoes, but some other time.  I could.

ETA4: Talked to Beth at DNY, and she said that I can order the shoe I like in a wide size with a Cuban heel, BUT I am not allowed to compete in Latin with a closed toe shoe.  Period.  She's going to confer with Suzie tomorrow to make sure, but chances are low.  Sigh.  Stupid rules.

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