Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miscellaneous (mostly) Dance Post

1.  I went back to Dance New York for a social dance last weekend, and it was strange to realize how good it felt.  Not the dancing, I was out of shape and out of practice, but good to be there and hang out with these people.  Sometime, while I wasn't looking, they became my people.  My group.

2.  Lessons with the ballroom club start at the end of the month.  I really don't feel like leading this semester.  It's harder because I'm not as good, and it's harder because it's against the flow, and I just want to relax.  Which means I'm thinking about competing as a follow...

3.  I just emailed the competition team captain and asked about shoes, and he said that they don't HAVE to be the same shoes as everyone else, I can pick my style, as long as it's in the gold satin fabric.  There might not be quite as wide a heel as I'd like, but I'm sure that, somewhere in the catalog, is a heel I'd be willing to wear.

4.  Clothes!  I have a latin outfit.  That's easy.  It's the smooth outfit that's a problem.  I could wear a plain top with a wide, long, skirt.  But I don't really like the top/bottom look for waltzing.  If there were a way I could incorporate the top into the bottom somehow... Like maybe make the top of the skirt the same color as the shirt, so when the shirt hitches up, it doesn't show... and a detail to make it look like the top/bottom color switch is on purpose...

I don't like this



The advantage of this plan is, I still get to be shirt/skirt, but look a lot more like a dress.  The problem with dresses is that I think it's harder to find a style that flatters me, and even if I find a good style, it's impossible to buy things in stores that fit, and I don't feel comfortable sewing dresses. 

5.  I am now only able to fit the very loosest of my clothes.  Which means I'm probably back exactly where I was in January.  So I think that this may just be the way things are.  I start January right here, diet down through the summer and fall, and then stress season back up again.  It's not ideal, but as long as I'm not dieting in an unhealthy fashion I don't think it's harmful.  And it means that, on average, I stay about the same.   I am starting to get myself used to smaller portions.  It's slow going, but I'm making progress.  Maybe I'll be willing to weigh myself on Monday.

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