Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I think Ratatouille for George might be my new band name.

I'm thinking of re-pseudonyming Red Flag Guy.  Not that he isn't still all of the things he was named for.  Barring death or dismemberment, the flags are permanent.  And I much prefer the flags to death and dismemberment.  But Red Flag Guy is the name I gave him so that my friends wouldn't have to bother learning his real name.  And I'm thinking about switching in real life, which means I'm thinking about making a switch here.  Not to his real name, because names and power and such, but maybe a new pseudonym.

It can't be a variant of his relationship to me, since that is subject to change.

I'm thinking of keeping RFG, and reassigning the initials.  What else might RFG stand for?

Rodeo Frogs Galloping

Radical Flaming Galoshes

Really Fucking Great

Ratatouille For George

Riding Fat Gophers

Whaddya think?

1 comment:

Diatryma said...

Maybe do it phonetically, like Raffig.