Friday, December 7, 2012

Other things on my mind today.

The Very Last Class of the Semester is going on RIGHT NOW. 

I get to see RFG this weekend.  Like, TONIGHT.

And the next time I think, god I wish... we can.

We've been fantasizing for three weeks.  That is a very long time for me.  Waiting is not my strong suit.

Money.  I need to take it seriously.  I'm behind on my student loans.  I pay every month, but not the whole amount due, and it's adding up.  And my credit cards.  It's out of control.  This month, I am on a serious money diet.  But I need more than a month's dieting.  I need to make changes.

I told RFG that we're eating in this weekend. 

I really need to get some photos of the blanket I'm knitting.  Maybe today.

I'm going to be on a beach in, like, TWO WEEKS.

I am optimistic.  This year has been difficult.  Next year will be better.

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