Friday, December 28, 2012

December 28

I always feel a little weird coming back from a blog white-out.  There was stuff I would have blogged about at the time, but ten days later it seems a little silly.

I am super duper sleepy, although a lot less exhausted than when I left.  I have the house to myself for a couple days which is weird.  I am back to hating the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.  I am more okay with telling Cassidy that I love him, but I refuse to let "I love you" stand in for "bye now."  I have now beaten my dad TWICE at Scrabble.  This is a first.  I mean, the first time was a first, and the second time was a first that I'd done it twice. 

Before, when I would go to San Diego for Christmas, I always stayed through the 28th, because it was my grandmother's birthday.

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