Friday, September 11, 2009


Someone asked me how many responses I get to these OKCupid and craigslist emails I send out:

I've sent about 25-30 of these.

Out of those, about 8 people wrote back.

When I replied to those 8 people, only 4 replied back again:

1) The guy who lives in the cat-pee-smelling-trailer.
2) Ryan, who is a friend
3) Dan, who is the guy I stay up until 4am talking to. I really really like him but don't know if it's as friends or not, I still haven't met him in person.
4. Satanist Dan, who I think I'm having drinks with on Sunday

There have been 3 people who contacted me first: B, Jeremy, and one other guy I met twice and then didn't want to see again.

I have been told that my lack of response on OKCupid is bizarre. Because the guy/girl ratio is so strongly skewed, I hear that most girls get bombarded. I assume that I am either bizarrely unattractive or sufficiently weird to filter out all those guys. But I figure, anyone who gets filtered out because of my funny profile pic, or these strange messages, is probably someone I don't mind losing. I honestly don't know what "normal" letters look like and I don't know if I could write one if I tried.

And I do have people that I am very glad to have gotten to know- Ryan, both Dans, and Jeremy. So I do feel like this endeavor has been successful. Much more so than I would have thought.

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