Sunday, September 13, 2009


My god, is this my life?

I am dating. I am dating in multiples. I am making first moves. I am texting one guy while sitting in another guy's bed.

I can't believe it's me doing it, and I can't believe it's working. I can't believe I've conned not only one guy, but two or even possibly more, into finding me desirable. I'm almost starting to think that I might be desirable. This is a dangerous thought.

I am a little surprised, and a little amused, that my degree seems to be helping me get laid. More than one guy has mentioned it. Apparently graduate degrees are sexy? Or maybe it adds to bragging rights or something, like big tits. Man, I made out with this girl at the bar last night, and she had the biggest fucking tits and a Masters in Art.

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