Sunday, June 9, 2013

I went over to the house at 9am today because I want to get things done because I'm really stressed about time. I mean, we still have two weekends left but there's also the rest of the house to paint and also all the moving and did I mention I'm stressed?  I'm also supposed to be dancing again, DOCTOR'S ORDERS, so they can check my leg, and it's one more thing that makes me exhausted except it's not even for fun it's FOR MY HEALTH.  At 11am I finished putting a coat of paint over the primer on the ceiling.  Then I went home to rest while it dried enough to do something else.  And everyone says I REALLY SHOULD paint two coats, and I really want to do this right, but I think it looks good as is, and I'm terrified of how much more time I'd take putting on another coat when I've barely started on the walls.  Can says dry to the touch in 1 hr and ready to paint over in 2-4.  And I kept going back and checking and it kept not being dry enough and now it's been SEVEN HOURS and I still can't DO anything because if I put tape on it the paint peels off and I feel like I wasted the day.  I didn't put on a second coat this afternoon because I wanted to do walls but now I have neither second coat nor walls and the weekend is over.  And I didn't get to relax at all because I'm trying to work but I didn't get enough work done either.

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