Thursday, May 2, 2013

A tag for not dating

This is, like, the third time I've started to write a post that says, essentially:

Cassidy!  Is awesome!

ME: I think maybe you do a thing, and I'm sure I'm imagining it, but *whine*

HIM: I think you're partly right, I sort of do that, and here's why it made sense to me.

ME: Ok. It makes me feel crappy.

HIM: [changes his behavior]

I feel like another person would have reassured me that my worries weren't true.  Instead he confirms my fear, and then changes his behavior so it won't bother me anymore.

I still tag this under "dating."  At some point I will need a new tag.  I have no idea what that tag would be.  They are dating-feelings that I'm having, sort of.

I keep pushing at the reasons we broke up, but no matter how hard I push, I can't make a dent.  They are as true and important as they were a month ago.  I keep pushing anyway, because even though I know it, I refuse to believe it. 

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